A myriad of Ayurvedic therapies are combined in a rhythmic flow
to dislodge deep physical and emotional tension so that
vibrant health may circulate.

Seasonal-specific herbal waters are given at the beginning
and end of the treatment to hydrate and saturate the cells
of the skin, blood, muscle, and nerve tissue.

Custom blended perfumes and Ayurvedic oils created
specifically for your present condition are used
throughout your treatment.

This Lustrous oil bath therapy Begins reclining face up,
Ayurvedic perfume anoints the upper Chakra centers to
accelerate a deep physical consciousness.
This is followed by a passive stretch.

The head is massaged with warm
Aromabliss Vamakesi hair oil,
nourishing nerve tissue to allow the body to
readily sink into peace. An herbal Grrta (ghee balm) is
massage around the eyes to dispel stagnant heat and
create a glow in the eyes.

Turning onto the belly, a copious amount of warm herbal oil
is poured along the spinal column and is then spread over the
back of the entire body. A rhythmic massage using long deep
strokes continues. Hot botanical compresses cover the
body while being massaged in a rocking motion.

The facial skin is cleansed and massaged with Aromabliss
Varnya oil wash followed with warm compresses.
The oiling and lymphatic massaging continues on the front
of the body followed by herbal-aroma compression.

After a brief Savasana, tea and an Ayurvedic snack supplies
deep nourishment to the detoxifying tissues.

This personally customized health and beauty ritual is a
powerful weekly, biweekly or monthly health protocol.

80 minutes ( women only )

TOTL students ~ $130.
non-TOTL ~ $145.
Add Swedana (herbal steam tent)- $15

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* Vamakesi stimulating nourishing oil for the hair and scalp.
Ancient Ayurveda texts teach the herbs contained within fortify
the nervous system, Enhancing a deep state of awareness and
intelligence.  Used regularly Vamakesi releases heat
in the head countering deep stress.