Kali's Nectar

A divine  syrup elixir made with the finest organic Rose and Hibiscus flowers and petals available. This sweet potion intoxicates and arouses new states of awareness for the taste buds.

Kali's Nectar is a Rasayana (or rejuvenator) for the skin and body due to its endless health benefits and is a delicious addition to drinks and foods as it deepens the personality of all it comes in contact with.

Hibiscus and Rose are traditionally used in devotional ceremonies or puja when worshiping the Goddess Kali as both flowers are associated with her. Beautiful, red Hibiscus contains high levels of anti-oxidants, and numerous studies have shown hibiscus can reduce the blood pressure, greatly reduce cholesterol levels,  decreasing one's risk of developing heart disease. In Folk and Contemporary natural medicine hibiscus and rose was and is used as a diuretic, to relieve pressure in the gallbladder, and to relax the uterus. These Flowers are intrinsically linked to the reproductive tissue, as Rose is the flower of Love, enhancing our natural beauty and Shakti or energy. The mucilages in the herbs soothe the internal organs, and are  powerful remedies for skin diseases. Hibiscus and Rose have both been used to fight obesity, as scientific studies have shown hibiscus stops the conversion of carbs in food to body fat. Additionally, Rose cleanses congestion, sluggishness, and heat from the liver and  gall bladder and relieves constipation. The powerful Rose has sedative, antiseptic, ant parasitic, anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering, and heart-supportive properties it is know to deepen concentration and enhance the dream state.  Both clear toxins and heat from the body and are extremely useful for hot flashes.  The high content of Vitamin C also enhances the clearing, softening and  glow of the skin, increases cellular metabolism AND the immune system is boosted. Shri Aurobindo calls Hibiscus and Rose, Supramental beauty in the physical, and Supramental attachment for the Divine. Alone as a luscious addition, to teas, juices, champagne, deserts or a sublime intoxicant on its own.

Kalis Nectar ~ A Rejuvenating Syrup Elixir
8oz $18.00